I’m 31 years old and a mother of three children. A few months ago, I couldn’t see me in the mirror. After each pregnancy, I held on to an extra 4-5 kg. I had to do something because I didn’t feel good about myself. One day, a friend told me that she had started exercising with “Body Temple”. I checked on the website and found that Body Temple was a good solution for me: an individual coach who understands my needs, who gives me nutritional advice and who helps me to push myself. Now after 3 months of exercise and diet, I have lost 12 kg and many cm everywhere. I have rediscovered my self-image and I feel more confident. I have more energy to do things for my family and for myself. I do activities that I haven’t done in a long time (running and cycling). I can wear my old clothes and I’m just waiting to lose the last few kg before I change my wardrobe. I’m really excited about this idea. At the end, I can say that I’m really proud of myself because with the help of Tessa, I was successful in changing my situation and looking after myself, which I hadn’t done in awhile."

Sévrine Ledent, Personal Training