What Our Clients Say

I started training with Aimee at Body Temple almost 3 years ago, In my mind, gym sessions was more of a necessary chore rather than one pleasant option chosen for fun.

I soon realised that having a trainer that understood my needs, along with my reticence, was a life-changing addition to my schedule that I never, ever want to stop.

Firstly, the sessions are designed to help me tone up, shape up, and increase my fitness - all of which are great and wonderful in themselves. The added bonus, however, was the reduction in stress that I experienced through my workouts: it has becomes such a balm to my soul to leave the office and to spend an hour in a nurturing, inviting, and encouraging environment, where all the attention is focused on my welfare.

In addition, I've also experienced a complete reduction in the migraine attacks that I used to suffer: the headaches have gone from a weekly occurrence to only once in the last 2 years!

Thirdly, alongside the physical benefits that I received from the gym sessions, I knew that I always had a partner that would be walking with me all the way: my trainer. Aimee has been my trainer and so much more - she constantly checks that I am achieving my personal goals, encouraging me periodically to aim higher and further than I ever imagined possible. At times, when the very last thing I feel like doing is a training session, her words of encouragement are what drove me to work out and to strive for more.

But, more importantly, we achieved all these without any physical pain or risk of injury. Her safety-first work ethic ensures that all my workouts are safe, and that time is reserved at the end of each session for a full stretching out of the muscles. This has also resulted in me never having any soreness in the days that follow my sessions. I have also found Aimee to be very accommodating towards my busy schedule: even when I arrive at the gym feeling frazzled, I always leave feeling completely relaxed and empowered. Most importantly, I look so much better and feel so much stronger and vital! If I could bottle Aimee and take her home with me - or on my holidays - I certainly would!

I will strongly recommend Aimee and Body Temple to anyone who wants to get into shape but require the guidance, expertise, and encouragement of a professional. Just like what I've experienced at Body Temple, having a partner who is with you every step of the way can turn two hours a week into the beginning of a new, sustainable way of life.

It has become a part of my lifestyle that I would never want to be without.

Wendy Smith, Personal Training

I started going to Body Temple because my daughter told me it was very different from other gyms and had no airs about it. I started with Core Essentials but I lacked strength and stamina.

My daughters encouraged me and, with their support, I started personal training once a week in addition (to Core Essentials). My trainers were full of warmth, energy, and patience. My sessions were lively and never boring.

Initially, the gym was a culture shock for me as I am reserved and shy. But my trainers and group made me feel safe and secure to overcome my challenges. Now, at 67, I have lost 20 pounds and am in good health.

Thank you to Karine for taking me in and to my trainers who put their heart and soul into what they do, which inspired me to work harder to achieve my goals.

Shanti Francis, Personal Training

I wanted to write to say what a great program the Body Blitz Challenge is. I lost 7kg and gained a whole lot of knowledge about better nutrition and I'm still working on incorporating more exercise into my routine. The team are all great and very motivating.

Lavinia Thanapathy, Body Blitz Challenge

It's my second week at Body Temple so far and I'd just like to express my thanks in signing me up with trainers Diana & Clare, they are indeed lovely! Not only are they knowledgeable, which of course is a given, but they are patient, encouraging, positive and understanding as trainers. This is not my first time attending personal training therefore it is common to tend to make comparisons with past experiences. I'm so happy & grateful that it's been positive so far and my best experience yet out of the other 3. I look forward to my sessions with them every week.

Anonymous, Personal Training