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Body Temple's Summer Workout Series: Session #4 with Karina

Happy Monday! We are super chuffed to start this week's workout series episode 4 with one from the lovely Karina Lavalle. Those that have worked out with Karina will know that this Brazilian model is no pushover, especially with her workouts!

If you've just started on our workout series, do pace yourself with this first one and make sure to keep at it!

For those of you who are with us in Singapore, check out our website for our group fitness class timetable, or call us to enquire about starting your workout at 91008714 today! #BThomeworkout

Body Temple's Summer Workout Series: Session #3 with Jimmie

It’s mid-July! Wherever you’re reading this from, we hope you’re having a good time so far spending it with your loved ones.

This week, we’ve got Body Temple’s veteran fitness trainer, massage therapist, and life coach Jimmie to bring you through your home (or hotel) workout: she's got a great kettlebell workout that will take only 10 minutes but, if done right, will give you a great workout! Watch the video below to see how the moves are done.

You can substitute with dumbbells if needed.

Her word of advice: please do your prep work (rolling and stretching), and, during the workout, always have your core muscles engaged, maintain a neutral spine, and BREATHE.

Ready? Let's go!

Some interesting history on kettlebells:
• They have been found as long ago as Ancient Greece but have only been used to develop strength since the early 1700’s in Russia.
• Originally used as measuring weights for goods at the boat docks, the guys there literally started throwing their weight around!
• Dr. Vladislav Kraevsky recognised the benefits of kettlebells and introduced them as a training tool to the Russian public.
• However, only since the 1990’s have kettlebells exploded onto the international market.

To our friends and fans back here in sunny Singapore, don't forget that you can check out our website for our group fitness class timetable, or call us to enquire about starting your workout at 91008714 today!

Body Temple's Summer Workout Series: Session #2 with Niina

Welcome to a brand new week!

Today's workout marks week 2 of Body Temple's weekly workout series, and Body Temple trainer Niina has some cardio plans for you! We’ve stepped up the workout BUT the move are kept simple so all you need is a park bench or steps at home.

For clients and readers in Singapore, do also remember to check out our group fitness class timetable, or call us at 91008714 to enquire about starting your workout today!


Body Temple's Summer Workout Series: Session #1 with Diana

It's the month of traveling but that doesn't mean we neglect our bodies. So, for our clients (and readers) who are traveling and unable to attend their usual workout sessions here, Body Temple is launching a weekly Summer Workout series!

First up is Body Temple Trainer Diana, who designed this week's session for you.

Her key advice is to remember to pace yourself and adjust the workout to suit your fitness needs.

Just one rule: it's all about maintenance - so a little perspiration is what you should aim for!

Lastly, if you're keen to work out at Body Temple, it's still business as usual here!

Call us to enquire about starting your workout at 91008714 today.


Top 5 Tips for the Summer

By Karine Gauthier

July is here and that means a summer break for some: Here are some tips to keep fit while traveling.
Vacations allow us a to get away and take a nice break from everything - that's what we love about them! However, what often happens is that our healthy habits and exercise routines also end up 'taking a break', even with the best of intentions before we embark on that trip. We understand that maintaining healthy habits and diets can be tough, especially when you are away from your home gym or your Personal Trainer at Body Temple. So, here are my top 5 tips that I personally use to facilitate that workout between rest and relaxation:


1. Plan Before the Plane (Trip)
Set some goals and intention before you go! If you keep thinking you will put on 5kg during your 5 weeks back in England, well it's probably what will happen! Instead, why don't you set yourself a positive and specific goal like : I will maintain my weight whilst enjoying myself in Australia. I will carry on with my 3 days exercise whilst I am in the USA (and still enjoy myself) I want to come back from my holiday relax and re-energize. What ever takes your fancy!


2. Make it easy for yourself
Lets be honest, no one has the time to travel 20 minutes out of your hotel to look for a gym or workout. So, pick your accommodation with work out facilities, where they have a gym, a Swimming pool or offer group classes.  OR, check out the location and find out if they have a park near by where you can go for a walk/run.


3. Pack light gear
Pack some work out gears that travel well. I never leave home without sneakers, resistance bands, a skipping rope and a tennis ball for release work! It fits easily into a suitcase or carry-on.


4. Find an excuse to walk
Pick some Tourist Attractions that may also be able to double as a work out. Of course depending on where you are travelling but look for hot spots where you can bike, hike, surf, group tour in foot, any waters sports, beach Volleyball, walk on the beach, Swimming, etc..


5. Keep eating healthy
We are big believer of the 80/20 rule, eat clean 80% of the time and allow yourself some treat the other 20%. Don't deprive yourself of your favourite home food or from trying new food that are native of where you are travelling but keep your portion under control and keep yourself hydrated! Not just with "rose" but keep drinking loads of water!

Also, do remember that Body Temple is still open for business throughout July - September: our Group Fitness classes will be running on summer schedule (check out our for details) and we have trainers slots available so, if you need a workout, do call us at 91007184 to get a session booked.

Enjoy your summer trip, stay safe, and we will see you back at Loewen Gardens when all of you return!

x Karine