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"I’m 31 years old and a mother of three children. A few months ago, I couldn’t see me in the mirror. After each pregnancy, I held on to an extra 4-5 kg. I had to do something because I didn’t feel good about myself. One day, a friend told me that she had ..." read more

Sévrine Ledent, Personal Training

"I wanted to write to say what a great program the Body Blitz Challenge is. I lost 7kg and gained a whole lot of knowledge about better nutrition and I'm still working on incorporating more exercise into my routine. The team are all great and very..." read more

Lavinia Thanapathy, Body Blitz Challenge

"I'm really happy with my results.  They've been slower than when I do crazy things like cutting out all carbs, but I feel fine about it since that has never been sustainable for me over time and this way of life is definitely proving to be.  I'm so excited..." read more

Toni Sanchez Benoit , Body Blitz Challenge

DISCLAIMER: Results may vary based on each individual’s metabolism and diet, as well as adherence to Body Temple’s fitness programmes.
The statements in Body Temple’s clients’ testimonials are in not in any way a guarantee of weight loss, fat loss, or fitness improvement results.

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